Molds for Concrete Block Making Machines

Zenith Formenproduktions GmbH
Feistritz / Austria

Since formed in 1953, Zenith did not only produce Concrete Block Making Machines, but also the necessary molds, as an integrated part of the entire production system.

Important developments in designing and producing molds were initiated by Zenith, such as the flame cutting process to produce paver molds with complex geometries from one piece ("Mono Block").

In 1972, Zenith established a second mold factory in Austria, and concentrated in the early 1990's the mold production in this factory.

In 2004, the mold factory was sold to a new owner, to widen the sales potential and the financial possibilities of the Zenith Mold Business.

Today, Zenith Formenproduktions GmbH is one of the five biggest producers of molds for Big Board Concrete Block Making Machines, worldwide. The name ZENITH is not only a reminiscense to the rich history of this company, but also the statement, that Zenith Molds accomplish the same quality standards than all Zenith products do.


Zenith Molds


Zenith Multilayer Machines and Zenith Molds

Users of Zenith Multilayer Machines state: using Zenith Molds is the best choice. No other mold producer knows more about multilayer machines, than the Austrian Zenith People do.



Not only for Multilayer Machines....

The reputation of Zenith Block Molds is good enough, to make other mold producers trade these molds. Why do you want to buy a product from a second source, when you can have it at first hand?

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